5 Reasons Everyone Should Use Nootropics

In the 2011 move Limitless, the character played by Bradley Cooper is a writer having issues with concentration and memory. He receives a pill from a man claiming it boosts cognitive functionality to almost superhuman levels.

While that may sound like fiction, it is not too far from the truth. Nootropics, which is what Cooper’s character was essentially taking, are real-life supplements which can take your brain to a whole new level. You may not be able to learn Italian in one day, but they are plenty effective. In fact, one of the most popular nootropics called modafinil works almost exactly like the pill from Limitless. It will give you intense focus for hours and substantially increase the speed at which your brain functions.

This article will explain why nootropics are so great and how they can improve your mental capabilities in daily life. Without wasting more time, here are the top five reasons every person should take nootropics to improve their cognitive abilities.

  1. Scientifically Proven to Increase Brain Activity Exist

    As a subject of research by scientists since the 1970s, nootropics are heavily scrutinized to ensure their safety and reliability. Multiple clinical trials have shown the use of these supplements aid memory and thinking abilities. They help you get things done faster and better. You will think more quickly and efficiently under the influence of nootropics.

  2. Nootropics Are Cost-Effective

    Taking into account the results they can yield, nootropics do not cost much and provide great value. A single modafinil pill costs as little as $2. This amount may not sound cheap, but the effects last for many hours and can allow you to continue working well for far longer than you could otherwise. If you think of each tablet as costing about the same or less than a cup of coffee, you will see the true value they can provide.

  3. There Are Many Nootropic Varieties

    Nootropics come in all sorts of different types and can be picked based on your individual requirements. Need a slight boost to your memory? There’s a nootropic for that. Want quicker reaction times. There’s one for that as well.

    All it usually takes is a small dose of any smart drug pill to substantially alter your focus, memory and whatever other cognitive function you want. How great would it feel to get that extra help with whatever problem you’re currently facing?

    Depending on your end goal, one nootropic supplement will usually stand above the rest as the most effective option. Start with the generally considered best choice and go from there. Because everyone’s brain chemistry is a little different, what works for your friends may not work for you. That’s why having so many smart drug varieties is good.

  4. Addiction Is Not an Issue

    The vast majority of nootropic compounds are not shown to have addictive qualities. The FDA approves many for use in altered mental states. These are confirmed as non-harmful. Unlike other drugs, there are no addictive opiate components that can turn regular use into a dependency. No matter what they say, substances like Adderall or Ritalin are not nootropics, not even by a long shot.

  5. Nootropics Have Few Adverse Health Effects

    Very few, if any, people have side effects from using nootropic drugs. In fact, most report feeling much better than they did before due to their increased mental clarity. It is likely that more adverse health effects will come as a result of drinking excessive amounts of caffeine rather than from memory boosters.

    Of the small percentage of people who do experience side effects from nootropics, very few are serious. They mostly consist of headaches, stomach issues and some other similar problems. If, however, you are currently taking any prescription medication or have a known medical condition, it is best to check with your doctor first, before taking any new supplement.

Hopefully, this article has shown you just some of the reasons you should consider taking nootropics. Always make sure you research any substance you take before doing so. But beyond that, we look forward to seeing you crush the world using your newly found mental functionality and clarity!